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Snigging Pulley (25/30/35mm Diameter Shaft)
904-06-025 - used on TFS 4000
904-06-030 - used on TFS 6000
904-06-035 - used on TFS 8000+
A Snigging pulley is an excellent tool when you need to redirect your winch cable when loading damaged vehicles or shifting loads. These come in varying sizes to suit your tray and load capacity. Floorplate sockets are also available to retro-fit to your tilt tray and are provided on Ekebol units.

3 Roller Fairlead
904-70-110 TFS 4000 with 12mm rope
906-70-110 TFS 6000 with 14mm rope
912-70-110 TFS 8000 or TFS 12/16 with 16mm rope
912-70-130 TFS 12/16 with 18mm rope
The 3 Roller Fairlead is designed to aid winching loads that are not in direct line of the winch (not on centre line of tray). It contains 2 x roller sheaves that allow the winch rope to be deflected left or right, and a horizontal roller that allows the winch rope to be deflected downwards.

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