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Ekebol ToughReliableBuilt to Last

Not all Tilt Trays are made the same!
To build a reliable tilt-tray requires using the right grade of steel in the right quantity, in the right places. If not done properly the results can be disastrous – bent trays, washboard floor-plates, or even broken cylinders.
So, when getting a quote for a new tilt-tray, don’t assume that all units are the same, just because the manufactures rate them the same. A comparison of an Ekebol TFS 12 tilt tray with a “12 tonne capacity” tilt tray from one of our competitors showed some amazing differences. The table below shows how the two “12 tonne rated tilt-trays” compare:

“I have owned and operated Ekebol Towing Equipment for over 10 years. Though the initial purchase price is more than the competition, I have found that this is more than recovered in the resale price. I find that I get more for a used truck with Ekebol gear on it than other comparable trucks and they sell faster. Then when you consider the reliability and strength of the equipment, my choice is clear – it’s Ekebol every time.”
Bob Malone - Steel Rudd Towing

Ekebol Our HeritageOur Future

The Ekebol story starts in Sweden in 1959 when Orvar (Fred) Ekebol designed and built his first Under-lift Recovery unit. After migrating to Australia Fred Ekebol established Ekebol Engineering in 1978. Ekebol Engineering developed and introduced the first Tilt Tray unit to Australia in 1986. Since then over 2000 of these units have been manufactured and most are still on the road today with many being on their second truck. The late 1980’s saw a period of rapid product development of the early Heavy Recovery Under-lift units. In the 1990’s the Heavy Recovery Under-lift range and the Tilt Tray range was expanded and in 1994 the first Super-Tilt Trailer was built.

The 21st century brought the latest Heavy Recovery Under-lifts to Ekebol including the TSA-272L, TS-302, TS-22, and the mightiest of all, the TU-600 and TU-800. Ekebol then went on to develop the latest generation Super-Tilt Trailers the TFS-22TR and TFS-27TR and the Low Angle Tilt Tray range, the TFS 6L, 11L, and 14L.  These units were designed and built in collaboration with our customers OH&S requirements for a low deck tilt tray.

Our knowledgeable sales team will work with you and your truck dealership to develop your tilt tray or heavy recovery so that it best suits your requirements.  Our highly trained and experienced professional engineering team will then use the latest 3D solid modelling CAD software to design your recovery unit. With over 50 years of experience, Ekebol can design and manufacture all of your towing and recovery equipment needs. We will continue to design and develop innovative, tough, reliable products that will be a lasting investment for your business.

Gary Roe
Managing Director

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