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 TFS2000 Tilt Slide TFS11L Low Angle TSA272L Heavy Recovery
 TFS4000 Tilt Slide TFS14L Low Angle TS302 Heavy Recovery
 TFS6000 Tilt Slide TFS22TR Super Tilt TS22 Heavy Recovery
 TFS8000 Tilt Slide TFS27TR Super Tilt TU600 Heavy Recovery
 TFS12 Tilt Slide TW2 Medium Recovery TU800 Heavy Recovery
 TFS16 Tilt Slide TW3 Medium Recovery Towing Accessories
 TFS6L Low Angle TS100 Medium Recovery Quicklash System

 Tilt Tray Service & Repair
 Winch Service & Repair
 Replacement Parts
 Engineering Certification (Ekebol Units Only)
 Technical Advice

1 Industrial Ave, Kunda Park 4556, Qld, Australia
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