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Ekebol Services
Ekebol offers a range of support services for both new and existing customers to assist them and their Ekebol unit keep running efficiently and effectively and to get them on the road both faster and safer.

Ekebol Remote Coding Instructions
ELSEMA 4 Function Remote
Coding Instructions
ELSEMA 8 Function Remote
Coding Instructions
LODAR Remote
Coding Instructions
Replacement Parts & Servicing
Ekebol can provide all parts and service for your Tilt-Tray, Heavy Recovery, Medium Recovery or Super-Tilt Trailer.
Call or fill in the below form for enquiries.

Operational & Maintenance Manual
Call or fill in the below form for enquiries.

Technical Advice
Ekebol can provide advice on:
• Engineering
• Engineering Certification (Ekebol products only)
• Servicing
• Insurance Repair Quotes
• Training
Call for enquiries.

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